Monday, May 9, 2016

April Favourites 2016

2016 is flying by way too quickly. I can't believe it is already May! In today's post, I wanted to show y'all some of the stuff I used through the month of April.

1. EOS mint lip balm
I won this lip balm in a game at a baby shower. :P Ever since I won it, I have been using it a lot. I already had an EOS lip balm in Honeysuckle, but I used it all up. This lip balm both smells and tastes really good. :P

2. Panda Sticky Notes 
If you can remember, I bought a ton of kawaii sticky notes from Daiso a while ago, and ever since I bought them, I have been using them non-stop. I put them in my books, notebooks, binders, and calendar. They are adorable and really affordable! :)

3. Benefit Roller Lash
I have really short eyelashes unlike my siblings and mom. Thanks dad for giving me your monolid and short eyelashes! lol jk. 아빠 사랑해요!! Even though my eyelashes are short and grow straight down, Benefit Roller Lash makes them long and holds a curl really well. I got mine from Sephora.

4. Friendship Bracelets
In April, I have been making a ton of friendship bracelets. I especially love to stack them; their colours look so pretty together! In the picture, I am wear one bracelet that I made with Patons Grace mercerized cotton yarn, and the other one is a Mikaylove inspired bracelet that I made with gold chains and a suede cord. The third bracelet was given to me by my brother, and I have been wearing it almost everyday for the past two years. 

5. Rilakkuma pencil case
Though school has made it difficult to crochet, I have been crocheting a lot this month. For my favourite hooks, which are the Clover Amour hooks, I have been storing them in this adorable Rilakkuma pencil case that I bought from Amazon. I am not too sure if Amazon still sells it, but I found one similar to the one that I have here.

Favourite Book(s) of the month:
1. Lord of the Flies (William Golding)
2. Tale of Two Cities (Charles Dickens)

Favourite Music:
I did not add many songs to my playlist this month. All songs are available on Spotify.
1. Cheerleader (PTX cover)
2. No Makeup (Zion T.)
3. Castle on a Cloud (Les Miserables)

I hope you liked this post! I hope y'all have a great week!

Happy crocheting and crafting!

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